11 Best Resorts in Jaipur with Private Pool

Do you want a perfect vacation in Jaipur? And you are looking for one of the best and luxurious resorts which also has a private pool. Then this post is for you. I have compiled a list of 11 best resorts in Jaipur with private pool.

Each of these resorts offers something unique – whether it is the tranquil atmosphere or stunning views, there is something for everyone. All of these resorts offer unbeatable comfort, privacy and service, so get ready to experience a truly luxurious stay!

Here are Some of the Best Resorts in Jaipur with Private Pool

1. The Oberoi Rajvilas

the oberoi rajvilas

The Oberoi Rajvilas Jaipur is a luxurious resort set on a sprawling 12-acre property. They have really nice rooms and suites, many yummy places to eat, a big swimming pool outside with private huts to relax, and a special spa that offers ancient ayurvedic treatments.

The fancy rooms in the resort have beautiful Indian art on the walls and come with cool stuff like air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and free Wi-Fi. They also have special things to do, like walking in the pretty gardens or visiting nearby temples.

You can relax in the outdoor pool with private cabanas, enjoy a massage at their spa or take part in various activities such as yoga classes and cooking workshops. With its five-star amenities, Oberoi Rajvilas is ideal for a luxurious and relaxing holiday in the heart of Jaipur.

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2. ITC Rajputana

itc rajputana jaipur

ITC Rajputana Resort is the best place to stay for those looking for a luxurious and memorable experience in Jaipur. This luxurious palace-style resort features immaculate grounds, lush gardens, manicured lawns, and grand interiors filled with traditional Indian art and antiques.

The hotel offers many amenities such as multiple restaurants serving delicious local and international cuisine, a swimming pool with private cabanas, spa facilities offering ayurvedic treatments, and yoga classes.

You can also take part in interactive cultural activities such as cooking workshops and henna art sessions. With its luxurious accommodation, stunning surroundings and many of amenities, ITC Rajputana is the ideal destination for an unforgettable holiday in Jaipur.

3. Devi Ratn-IHCL SeleQtions

devi ratn-ihcl seleqtions

Devi Ratn-IHCL SeleQtions is a charming resort set in a tranquil garden. It offers guests an opportunity to relax and unwind surrounded by the beauty of nature, with comfortable rooms overlooking the pool and gardens.

The hotel also has multiple dining options including Indian and international cuisine, as well as a bar. The resort is also ideal for those looking to explore the culture of Jaipur, with guided tours of nearby attractions such as Amer Fort and City Palace.

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4. Hathi Mauja

hathi mauja resort

Hathi Mauja is a luxurious resort in Amer Fort, offering guests the perfect blend of traditional Rajasthani charm and modern amenities. The hotel features beautiful rooms decorated with traditional Indian art, set in lush gardens overlooking the pool.

The outdoor swimming pool is complete with private cabanas for added luxury and privacy and there are plenty of activities to enjoy throughout the day. You can enjoy various food item from the multiple dining options, including Indian and international dishes.

The resort also offers guided tours to nearby attractions such as Royal Palace, City Palace, Jantar Mantar and Amer Fort. With its tranquil atmosphere, luxurious amenities and stunning surroundings.

5. Talai Bagh Palace

talai bagh palace jaipur

Talai Bagh Palace is an exquisite palace-turned-resort located in Amer Fort. The hotel has been refurbished to retain its original charm while offering all the modern amenities and services of a luxury resort.

You can enjoy stunning views of the fort from their luxurious rooms, which are adorned with traditional Rajasthani antiques and art pieces. The outdoor swimming pool is complete with private cabanas for added luxury and privacy. Guests can also enjoy a variety of cuisine from the multiple dining options, including Indian and international dishes.

Talai Bagh Palace is the perfect place to experience authentic Rajasthani culture with all the modern luxuries and amenities.

6. Umaid Farm Villa

umaid farm villa

Umaid Farm Villa is a luxurious and secluded resort located in Amer. It offers guests the perfect getaway from city life, surrounded by tranquil gardens and lush greenery.

The private villas are each equipped with their own swimming pool, allowing you to take a refreshing dip at any time of the day – perfect for those hot summer days!

You can also enjoy a variety of dining options from the multiple restaurants or enjoy a relaxing massage at their spa. With its luxurious amenities, stunning views and tranquil atmosphere, Umaid Farm Villa is the perfect place to get away from it all and experience authentic Rajasthani hospitality in style.

7. Stardom Resort Jaipur

stardom resort jaipur

Stardom Resort Jaipur is a modern, four-star resort located in Jaisinghpura. It features spacious rooms with contemporary decor and high-end amenities such as air conditioning, flat-screen TVs and complimentary Wi-Fi.

The resort also has an outdoor swimming pool with private cabanas for added luxury and privacy, ideal for those hot summer days. Guests can enjoy a variety of cuisine from the multiple restaurants or relax in their spa, which offers traditional ayurvedic treatments.

With its modern facilities and stunning views of Jaipur City, Stardom Resort Jaipur is the perfect place to experience a luxurious stay in the heart of Rajasthan.

8. Tree of Life Resort & Spa

tree of life resort & spa

The Tree of Life Resort & Spa is a fantastic place to experience luxurious living while surrounded by the natural beauty of Rajasthan. The resort’s accommodations are truly lovely, with a combination of modern and vintage furnishings including air conditioners and opulent flat-screen TVs.

Outside, there’s a lovely pool where you may swim and relax. And what’s this? They even have a unique spa that provides yoga sessions in addition to traditional healing treatments. Consequently, you get to experience living like a royal, with beautiful views, and a variety of enjoyable activities.

9. Rajasthali Resort & Spa

rajasthali resort & spa

Entering Rajasthali Resort & Spa is like stepping into a genuine Rajasthani environment, and you will be treated with respect. The rooms are furnished with interesting antiques and items from India, and they have views of the lovely countryside.

There’s a big pool and even private spots for more luxury and alone time. You won’t be hungry there, ’cause they have lots of different foods to try, both Indian and international yummies! You can get a nice massage at the spa or do some relaxing yoga classes.

10. Umaid Haveli Hotel & Resorts

umaid haveli hotel & resorts

Umaid Haveli Hotel & Resorts, you can live a high life. There are some pretty luxurious rooms with fascinating Indian paintings and antique furnishings.

The pool is great, too! You can have a super refreshing swim and feel like you’re in your own secret spot because they have private spots there too. Yay for extra luxury and alone time!

They offer a wide variety of tasty dishes from India and internationally. You can attend chill yoga lessons or have a really soothing massage at the spa. It’s all about feeling good and calm.

So, if you want a fancy and unforgettable holiday in Jaipur, Umaid Haveli Hotel & Resorts is the place to be.

11. Amrit Van Resort

amrit van resort

Amrit Van Resort is a tranquil oasis located in Kukas. The resort features luxurious rooms equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning and flat-screen TVs, giving guests the perfect place to unwind and relax.

You have the opportunity to indulge in a revitalizing swim in the open-air pool or engage in a variety of activities such as kayaking or fishing in the serene nearby lakes.

There are multiple dining options, including Indian and international cuisine, perfect for those looking to experience authentic Rajasthani hospitality.


The city of Jaipur offers too many luxurious resort options with private pools, each offering the perfect place to escape and experience Rajasthani hospitality. From traditional luxury palaces to modern resorts, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this stunning corner of India.

Whether you’re looking for an intimate getaway or a family vacation, these 11 best resorts in Jaipur with Private Pools will provide a truly unforgettable experience. So why wait? It’s time to make your next holiday in Jaipur one to remember!


Q. Are the private pools in the resorts truly private?

Yes, the private pools in these resorts are exclusively for the guests staying in the respective accommodations.

Q. What are the best months to visit Jaipur?

The best time to visit Jaipur is from October to March when the weather is pleasant and ideal for sightseeing.

Q. Do these resorts offer additional recreational activities?

Yes, many of these resorts offer various recreational activities such as spa treatments, yoga sessions, cultural performances, and more.

Q. Are the resorts suitable for family vacations?

Absolutely! These resorts cater to both couples and families, providing a range of facilities and services suitable for all.

Q. How can I book a private pool suite at these resorts?

You can book directly through their websites or contact them via phone or email to make a reservation.