Saheliyon ki Bari Udaipur: History, Timing, Ticket Price & More

Saheliyon ki Bari Udaipur is a renowned historical garden that offers a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of India. Translated as “Garden of the Maidens,”.

This place is like a magical garden where even the flowers have interesting stories to tell! People from all over come to visit because it’s so beautiful. It’s not just a regular tourist spot – it’s like a symbol of kings and queens, beauty, and love that fits perfectly with the feeling of Udaipur.

So, if you’re curious, get ready to visit and be amazed by this super fancy garden that people really love! In this article, you can learn about history, timings, ticket price, and more!

Saheliyon ki Bari History

Saheliyon ki Bari is a garden located in Udaipur, Rajasthan. This garden is placed right by the side of Fatehsagar Lake and it was built by Maharana Sangram Singh between 1710 and 1734 AD for his queen, who came with her 48 maids after marriage. Maharana Sangram Singh considered these maids as his queen’s friends and sent them to live in this garden.

Saheliyon ki Bari is a very beautiful garden. This garden is surrounded by high walls from all sides and there is a big pond inside it. There are many rooms made of marble around the pond. The royal women used to rest and spend time in these rooms.

Saheliyon ki Bari is still a very popular tourist destination. This garden is known for its beauty and peace. This garden is one of the most famous historical places of Udaipur.

Architecture and Design of Saheliyon ki Bari Udaipur

The architecture and design of Saheliyon ki Bari reflect the opulence and grandeur of the Mewar dynasty. The garden is adorned with intricately carved marble pavilions, elegant fountains, and a series of kiosks that overlook the beautiful lotus pool.

The pavilions are adorned with exquisite frescoes and murals that depict the royal lifestyle and stories from Indian mythology. The design of the garden incorporates elements of Rajput and Mughal architecture, creating a harmonious blend of styles.

Highlights and Attractions at Saheliyon ki Bari Udaipur

Saheliyon ki Bari is a treasure trove of attractions and highlights that mesmerize visitors. 

Fountains and Lotus Pool: One of the main attractions of the garden is its elaborate fountains and a serene lotus pool. The fountains are intricately designed and offer a soothing ambiance, while the lotus pool adds to the tranquility of the surroundings.

Marble Pavilions: The garden is adorned with marble pavilions that showcase the architectural finesse of the Mewar dynasty. These pavilions served as leisure spots for the royal ladies, offering them a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the garden.

Lush Greenery: Saheliyon ki Bari is lush with various trees, plants, and flowers that create a refreshing and vibrant environment. The well-maintained greenery is a treat for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

Elephant-shaped Fountain: A unique and artistic feature of the garden is an elephant-shaped marble fountain. The fountain’s design adds an element of whimsy to the garden’s overall elegance.

Marble Sculptures and Artwork: The garden is adorned with intricate marble sculptures, depicting various mythological and historical figures. These sculptures are a testament to the craftsmanship of the artisans of that era.

Kiosks and Courtyards: Throughout the garden, you’ll find charming kiosks and courtyards where the royal ladies would spend their leisure time. These areas are perfect for a peaceful stroll and offer a glimpse into the lives of the past.

Lotus Fountain: Another striking feature is the lotus-shaped marble fountain. Its design and flowing water add to the garden’s soothing atmosphere.

Museum: Saheliyon ki Bari also houses a small museum that showcases artifacts and historical items from the royal era. It provides visitors with insights into the lifestyle and culture of the Mewar dynasty.

Pavilion of Rain: This pavilion is designed to create the illusion of raindrops falling when water flows over its inclined marble slabs. It’s a playful and artistic element within the garden.

Peaceful Ambiance: Overall, the garden offers a peaceful and serene ambiance, making it an ideal spot for relaxation, photography, and a glimpse into the rich history of Rajasthan’s royalty.

Things to Do at Saheliyon Ki Bari

When visiting Saheliyon Ki Bari, there are several enjoyable activities and experiences to indulge in. Here are some things to do at this charming garden:

Stroll Through the Garden: Take a leisurely walk through the garden’s pathways, surrounded by lush greenery, beautiful flowers, and serene fountains. Enjoy the tranquility and immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance.

Photography: Saheliyon Ki Bari offers numerous picturesque spots for photography enthusiasts. Capture the intricate marble architecture, vibrant flora, and the play of light and shadow to create stunning photographs.

Marvel at the Fountains: Spend time admiring the elegant fountains within the garden. Their unique designs and soothing sounds create a calming atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and contemplation.

Explore the Marble Pavilions: Wander through the marble pavilions and courtyards that were once frequented by the royal ladies. These structures showcase exquisite architectural details and offer a glimpse into the lifestyle of the past.

Appreciate the Sculptures: Observe the intricate marble sculptures that depict various figures from mythology and history. Take your time to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that went into creating these pieces.

Visit the Museum: Explore the small museum located within the garden premises. Discover artifacts, historical items, and displays that provide insights into the royal heritage and cultural significance of Saheliyon Ki Bari.

Enjoy the Lotus Pool: Sit by the lotus pool and enjoy the serene atmosphere. Watch the lotus flowers sway in the water and take in the beauty of this natural element within the garden.

Relax by the Elephant Fountain: Spend some time near the elephant-shaped marble fountain. Marvel at its design and enjoy the refreshing ambiance created by the flowing water.

Learn About History: Take the opportunity to learn about the history and significance of Saheliyon Ki Bari. Understand its role as a retreat for the royal ladies and its cultural importance in the region.

Contemplate at the Pavilion of Rain: Visit the Pavilion of Rain and experience the unique design that creates the illusion of falling raindrops. It’s a whimsical and artistic feature that adds to the garden’s charm.

Picnic and Leisure: Pack a picnic and enjoy a relaxed meal amidst the garden’s beauty. Find a quiet spot to sit, unwind, and soak in the peaceful surroundings.

Engage with Local Artisans: Sometimes, local artisans might be found showcasing their crafts near the garden. Engage with them, learn about traditional art forms, and perhaps purchase some souvenirs.

Attend Cultural Events: Depending on the time of your visit, there might be cultural events, performances, or exhibitions held in or around Saheliyon Ki Bari. Check ahead to see if there are any such events scheduled.

Saheliyon ki Bari Timing and Visiting Hours

Saheliyon ki Bari is open for visitors from 9 AM to 7 PM every day of the week. It is advisable to visit the garden during the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the scorching heat of the day. The garden can get crowded during weekends and holidays, so it is recommended to plan the visit accordingly.

Saheliyon ki Bari Ticket Prices and Entry Fees

The ticket price for Saheliyon ki Bari is INR 10 for Indian nationals and INR 50 for foreign tourists. Children below the age of 12 can enter free of charge.

Saheliyon ki Bari Parking

Saheliyon ki Bari provides ample parking facilities for visitors. There is a designated parking area near the entrance of the garden where visitors can park their vehicles.

Best Time to Visit Saheliyon Ki Bari

You should go to the garden when the weather is cooler, like from September to March. It gets really hot in the other months, and the sun can be too much.

The Udaipur city is most fun from September to March because of festivals. One important event is the Shilpgram Crafts Mela, which lots of tourists like.

So, if you want to have a good time in Udaipur, go between September and March when the weather is nice and you can enjoy your visit.

How to Reach Saheliyon Ki Bari

Saheliyon Ki Bari is located in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Here are some ways to reach:

Auto Rickshaw: You can ask any auto rickshaw driver to take you to Saheliyon Ki Bari. This is the easiest way to reach from every corner of Udaipur.

Taxi: You can also get a taxi and you can go to Saheliyon Ki Bari. Taxis are more expensive than auto rickshaws, but they are more comfortable.

Bus: You can go to Saheliyon Ki Bari from Udaipur bus stand. The bus is the cheapest way to travel compared to auto rickshaws or taxis, but it is also the least comfortable.

Carrier: If you are traveling by your carrier, you can keep your carrier at a hotel or base near Saheliyon Ki Bari.

Attractions and Places to Visit Near Saheliyon Ki Bari

Numerous best places in Udaipur that are worth exploring. Some of the nearby attractions to Saheliyon ki Bari include:

  • City Palace: A magnificent palace complex that offers stunning views of Lake Pichola.
  • Lake Pichola: A picturesque lake surrounded by hills and palaces.
  • Jag Mandir: An island palace on Lake Pichola that offers a serene and tranquil atmosphere.
  • Jagdish Temple: A large and intricately carved temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Tips for Visiting Saheliyon ki Bari

Here are some tips to enhance your experience when visiting Saheliyon ki Bari:

  • Wear comfortable footwear as the garden requires a fair amount of walking.
  • Carry a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Respect the historical significance of the garden and refrain from littering.
  • Engage with the local guides to learn more about the history and significance of each attraction.
  • Carry a water bottle to stay hydrated during your visit.


Saheliyon ki Bari in Udaipur is a mesmerizing garden that offers a glimpse into the rich history and architectural brilliance of the Mewar dynasty. With its stunning architecture, serene ambiance, and lush greenery, it is a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Experience the beauty of Saheliyon ki Bari and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Rajasthan’s royal heritage.